Beginner’s Guide to Creating a POLL Token Wallet 2018-08-21T03:21:11+00:00

How to Create a POLL Token Wallet

Step 1

Our wallet of choice is MyCrypto. Creating a MyCrypto wallet is quick and easy.

The first step is to visit and select your operating system.

Step 2

Install the app, and then launch it.

Read through all 10 tips and warnings - they are important for the security of your tokens.

Step 3

Select “Create New Wallet” which is the second menu item down, on the left.

Step 4

Select “Generate a Wallet”

Step 5

Select “Generate a Mnemonic Phrase”

Alternatively you can opt for “Download Keystore File” and follow the prompts.

Step 6

Write down your 12 words in order. Do not copy or save them anywhere on your computer or online.
Select “confirm phrase” when you have written them down. Save your written words in a safe place!

Step 7

Click the words of your phrase in order, and then select “confirm phrase”.

Step 8

You have now created a wallet. Select “Go to account” to login, and then select “Mnemonic Phrase” and enter it.

Step 9

You will see multiple wallet addresses. You have access to all of these wallets. You can copy these addresses down and save them somewhere, as they are public addresses. Select one, and unlock it.

Step 10

Now that you have chosen one address, copy it and paste it into the ClearPoll Desktop “Rewards” area. This will become your ClearPoll Rewards payout wallet and it will be the same public address that we check the balance of, to determine your points multiplier level.

Step 11

To check your ClearPoll token balance in your MyCrypto wallet, simply login to MyCrypto using your Mnemonic phrase. You should see POLL tokens in your token balance area, further down the page on the right.

You can also send your ClearPoll tokens to another address or to an exchange, if you have some ETH in your balance, which is used for “gas” to cover the transaction cost.

Got Questions?

You can contact us for technical support.


Note: ClearPoll are not responsible for any user interactions with cryptocurrency, wallets or POLL token transactions. Users accept full responsibility.