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Vote on anything, any time. Earn real crypto rewards!

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  • Vote on anything, any time and create your own polls instantly, on any topic. All votes and poll results are secured with blockchain technology, meaning nobody can manipulate the data or censor it. ClearPoll allows free and equal speech for all!

  • Earn cryptocurrency rewards for creating polls or voting on sponsored polls. Earn bonus rewards for holding existing POLL tokens in your wallet. Create a popular global poll and watch your rewards pile up!

  • Follow your friends voting activity, and share yours if you choose. Polls can also be shared across other popular social networks. You can also follow and vote on polls from celebrities!

The end of manipulated, fabricated and censored public opinion data.

ClearPoll Features

User Rewards

Earn points for every vote your polls receive, plus points for voting on Featured Polls or Sponsored Polls. Points are converted into ClearPoll Tokens (a cryptocurrency tradable for Bitcoin). Earn bonus points by holding existing ClearPoll Tokens in your wallet!

Featured Polls

Vote on polls from celebrities and influencers, or featured polls by brands and causes. Earn points for every vote!

Private Polls

Create polls with a 4 digit pin code to stop unwanted responses. Control your audience - ideal for local issues or groups.

Location Filter

You can choose to view polls only from your country or city. When creating a poll you can also decide if you wish the poll to be visible to your city, country or the whole world.

Social Feed

Connect with friends and view their activity feed. When you vote on a poll, you can choose to show your activity in your feed. You can also follow ClearPoll Stars!


Embed polls on any website with simple widgets. ClearPoll users can vote instantly without leaving the site, and view live poll results.

ClearPoll Desktop

Browse polls, vote and view your social feed from the ClearPoll Desktop, accessible in any browser once you’re connected. ClearPoll Desktop opens up voting to all users, not just mobile.

ClearPoll Ratings

Create ratings bars for embedding on any website. Users can rate your article or product out of 10. The world’s first blockchain based ratings system. No more bot votes or multiple votes!

Featured Polls

The best new way to interact with your favourite celebrities and influencers. We’ve already had polls created by the following people, with many more joining soon.

Greg Grunberg

Film & TV Actor
1.4M+ Followers

John McAfee

Tech • POTUS Candidate
1M+ Followers

Johannes Bartl

Fitness Model
2.1M+ Followers

Craig Sawyer

Defender of the Defenseless
300k+ Followers

Michael Suppo

300k+ Followers

Adel de Meyer

Tech & PR Personality
100k+ Followers

Joel Comm

Tech • Podcaster
900k+ Followers

Geoff De Weaver

Entrepreneur • Influencer
550k+ Followers

Geoff Schwartz

Former NFL Player • Media
90k+ Followers

Tarik Black

NBA Basketball Player
140k+ Followers

Danell Leyva

Gymnast • Olympic Medalist
400k+ Followers

Mike Harris

Pro Rugby Player
20k+ Followers

Simon Cocking

Tech • Influencer
120k+ Followers

Plant Based News

380k+ Followers

John Dough

Musician • Cryptocurrency
160k+ Followers
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“I believe that the 2020 election could be dramatically improved by the application of ClearPoll. ClearPoll enables free speech and immutable voices that will force government entities to acknowledge corruption. It allows anyone with a smartphone to vote on anything, any time, and their votes are secured on the blockchain where nobody can edit, remove or censor them. No more media manipulation and no more ignoring real public opinion.”

John McAfee

2020 US Presidential Candidate, Blockchain Advocate and Tech Guru

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