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Earn ClearPoll User Rewards

Earn ClearPoll User Rewards

All ClearPoll users can earn real cryptocurrency rewards, just by using ClearPoll!

Users earn points for votes their polls receive, plus points for voting on Star Polls or Sponsored Polls. At the end of each rewards period, those points entitle the user to a share of 50% of all ClearPoll revenue! If you earned 5% of all points for the period, you’ll get 5% of the entire rewards pool. Not only is it great fun to compete against other users, it’s very rewarding too. Rewards are paid in POLL tokens, which are easily tradeable for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Step 1

Visit ClearPoll Desktop at https://web.clearpoll.com and login.

Go to “Rewards” in the main menu.

Step 2

Towards the bottom of the Rewards page there is an area to paste in your POLL wallet address.

Paste your address in and click the ✅ icon to save it.

That’s all. You are now eligible for ClearPoll Rewards! You can request a payout of your POLL tokens once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount. Your tokens will then be sent to your saved wallet address.

Note: Your wallet address is also the same address we check to determine your points multiplier level. Read More about Multipliers here.

Step 3

You earn points for:
• Votes received on GLOBAL polls = 1 point per vote.
• Votes received on NATIONAL polls = 2 point per vote.
• Votes received on LOCAL polls = 3 point per vote.
• Votes you cast on Sponsored Polls = 1 point per vote.
• Votes you cast on Star Polls = 1 point per vote.
• Bonus points for creating 50 polls = 200 pts
• Bonus points for connecting with 20 friends = 200 pts

Your points give you a share of monthly POLL token rewards. These rewards come from 50% of our revenue.

Example: If you earned 5% of all points of all users, for the current rewards period, you’ll receive 5% of the POLL token rewards.

You can check your current points total and user ranking in the ClearPoll app, and also on ClearPoll Desktop.

Don’t have a POLL Wallet Address?

You can get one very easily, from MyCrypto.

How to Get a POLL Wallet

Note: ClearPoll are not responsible for any user interactions with cryptocurrency, wallets or POLL token transactions. Users accept full responsibility.